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    Kessler had many different ambitions since his childhood days- from doctor to lawyer to singer, none of which he is today. Instead, he works in recruitment and boasts over 3k connections on Linkedin and 15 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

    His day job involves doing alot of research, so the compilation of information for this book was second nature to him.


    You probably know (because he created this book) that he is crazy over the MRT, which motivated him to spend 2 months traveling from station to station to take pictures and 2 years to publish this book.

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    "Just finished NSL. Wow, I learned so much from there. Very impressive.

    Definitely informed, educated and inspired.


    "Seriously and really I'm thankful to Kessler for doing this book, though is an average short 3 paragraph story for each station in one page, it is pack with information that will lead you to find out more, which is a good educational tool, for me at least it really deepen my knowledge and love for Singapore.

    For those who are addicted to eating potato chips, this is addictive too ...


    "Kessler’s book Between The Lines includes a short writeup on each MRT station and the area it services; many pages are filled with fascinating detail ...

    (CityNews, May 2022)

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